About Us

I had a once in a lifetime relationship with my grandfather. He was my best friend. He was an avid walker, super-fit, and loved to exercise and eat healthy.

In our quiet times together, he would tell me he did not feel like the gray-haired man he saw in the mirror; he felt younger, more vibrant.

As I have now aged myself, I know exactly what he meant.

So, with a bunch friends, I created a community of like-minded people who felt the same as my grandfather: trainers, exercisers, and business partners who knew that regular exercise was a vital component of longevity and healthy living. We then decided to make it accessible to anyone around the globe, on their own schedule, in an easy-to-use manner, so we could help people stay active, vibrant, and healthy.

And just like that, Fun And Moving was born.

Come Join The FAM!

Chris Meyer

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